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Covid Vaccinations - now available - strictly patients aged over 80 ONLY at the moment

We have received our first batch of three hundred Astra-Zeneca Covid vaccinations on 14th January with 100 more doses arriving on 22nd January and we started immunising patients within 30 minutes of the vaccine arriving.

We have so far (as of 17th January) vaccinated 219 out of 411 eligible patients. 

We are trying to contact as many patients as possible to make vaccination arrnagements and you may already have been phoned if we think you need a housecall. 

If you have not yet been contacted please phone the surgery if you are over 80 to make an appointment or to book a house visit.

The first batch of vaccinations is strictly for patients born on or before 31st March 1941 only ie. aged over 80 in the current financial year. The practice has not been allowed any flexibility on this and vaccinations to other groups will not start until we are authorised by NHS Ayrshire and Arran. We have 411 eligible patients and have 300 vaccine doses so far with 100 more doses expected. The health board are anticipating 75% update but other practices with vaccine already are reporting higher levels of uptake, and almost all of our patients when contacted are wishing to be vaccinated. There are very few reasons to advise against vaccination.

As I understand it health and social care workers and nursing home residents are outwith this group and will continue to be vaccinated by the hospital service only.

It is currently possible that GP practices will not be offered contracts to vaccinate any under-80s but if the option is available it is highly likely that Taiglum Practice will accept such a contract if it is on offer. The practice currently feels that we will be able to offer adequate appointment capacity to use all the vaccine we are able to get hold of and expect that any delays will be due to inability to get vaccine deliveries not inability to staff clinics. We are short of nurse appointments due to the extra safety precautions necessary currently so we cannot offer nurse vaccination appointments. But we can offer doctor vaccination appointments as we are fortunate that we are in a position which means we are able to expand GP appointment capacity using our current GP partners if Covid vaccination requires this. This should not affect the provision of other services. If we are offering vaccination clinics it is likely that many of them would be outside normal working hours to avoid "unwell" patients mixing with patients who are not unwell but looking for vaccination.

To make sure you will be called we would suggest ensuring the practice have an up to date mobile phone number and/or email address - you can update details here or if you can't be bothered with the form attach them to your next repeat medication slip.

Flu Vaccinations

We now have vaccines for phase two of the annual programme.

Flu vaccinations are available for ALL adults aged 60 and over and for ELIGIBLE patients with chronic conditions or who are carers who are aged under 60.

Appointments are currently available each day. 

Phase two of the 2020 flu vaccination programme was expected to start in December with vaccination being offered offered to all adults aged 55 to 64 who would not usually be eligible for an NHS vaccine. However the Scottish Government are currently restricting phase two to adults over 60. Adults aged 50-59 might be eligible for immunisation in phase three if there is sufficient vaccine. Please note this is NOT a decision made by the practice and all local practices are equally affected. While we fully understand that many adults aged 50-59 will be unhappy with the change of policy this is a national policy and we have no say in the matter.

Appointments for flu immunisation are also available at Tarbolton Pharmacy. Pre-booking may be required, just phone 01292 541207 or ask when collecting your prescription. 

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